• Our daughter’s experience at Langley Forest School has been great. It has strengthened her love of the outdoors. She is often asking to go to the playground near our house in the pouring rain as it no longer phases her. She has also developed some great observational skills, exploring the natural world around her. I love the added benefit of not passing germs via preschool toys. There are enough rocks and sticks to go around. The teachers are a great example of adventurous adults. They are very attentive the the needs of the kids in the forest preschool. I would recommend Langley Forest School to anyone with preschool aged children. How great to imagine a whole elementary school outdoors.~


  • I have been with the school for 3 years now and not only have my children built great relationships but I have also met many parents throughout the years that have become great friends. My children love the play based structure which is led by an AMAZING teacher. I am very grateful for finding this school. ~

  • Our family is absolutely loving this program! Having the freedom to explore and learn all at the same time has instilled confidence in my son. I chose this school because we are an outdoor family ourselves and I wanted my son to become more confident in his environment. The teachers are amazing and truly love what they are doing! I am so happy to have such lovely teachers inspiring my son, instilling confidence, and nurturing. ~